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Products that perform year after year...

Nobody builds better value than Wenger. Nobody puts more careful thought and effort into quality or more emphasis on durability, versatility and ease-of-use. Wenger understands how important it is to have products that last; products that provide flexibility with how you apply them; and products that transport easily and set up fast. We've learned this by listening to our customers — the driving force behind every product we build.

In addition to Wenger's commitment to innovation is a tradition of outstanding customer service and support. Wenger stands behind each product with expert technical support, great warranties and customer service that's responsive, thorough and dedicated to your individual needs.

We let you concentrate on the performance...
Wenger offers products that can save you time, enhance your rehearsals and contribute to the success of every performance. While we started in the music practice room, today you'll find Wenger products in performance halls, theatres, gymnasiums, and outdoors.

Wenger products can be found just about anywhere music and theatre is practiced and performed. And more recently, in the locker rooms and equipment storage facilities of high school, college and professional sports teams. It's hard to find a musician, teacher, actor, coach or athlete today – at any level – whose passion to teach and perform hasn't been touched by a Wenger product.

Wenger Australia
Wenger has supported music educators in the USA for over one hundred years with the highest quality product and performance equipment available in the world today. With the introduction of Wenger Australia we look forward to supporting music educators and the performing arts in Australia and New Zealand.


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